Finger Balance Game Review – It’s Not as Easy as You Think

Finger Balance Game Icon

I happened to stumble onto Finger Balance by Coconut Island Games Limited because I was looking for a fun game that you can play and challenge your friends with. I can tell you now, you’re in for quite a challenge […]

Dead Trigger Game Review – Awesome Zombie Goodness!

Dead Trigger Game Icon

I’m not usually a fan of zombie shooting games; I was actually one of those kids way back who wasn’t able to sleep for days after playing the first Resident Evil game for the Playstation but with that said Resident […]

Vector HD Game Review – Break Free and Don’t Get Caught!

Vector Game Icon

I’m so excited to write about this game because I really want everyone to play this. I just LOVE this game! Vector HD is actually a runner game but from all the other runner games I have played; I can […]

Parking Mania Game Review – Making Parking Fun!

Parking Mania Game Icon

When I saw this game I thought to myself, “How could parking a car be fun?” but I liked the previous games that Chillingo released so I gave this game a go and I was definitely delighted to find what […]

Line Runner 2 Game Review – It’s Bone Crushing Fun!

Line Runner 2 Game Icon

Before anything else, I just want to let everyone know that this game, as you can probably get from the title, is a runner game but before you close this review and move on to look for another game let […]

Mobile Games Millionaire Shares Tips on How He Reached Massive Success!

Joe Kaufman and Fire Maple Games

It starts with a dream… Many new indie game developers begin excited at the prospect of living their dream and passion of creating games and earning a healthy “Angry Birds” type income along the way. Unfortunately, the dream soon comes […]

Head Soccer Game Review – Is It Kicking Goals?

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Here’s a cute little game that I will be reviewing today that really caught my attention – it’s called Head Soccer by D&D Dream Corp. If you’re a soccer fan then you should definitely check out this game. So let’s […]

Pixel People Game Review – Create Your Very Own Utopia!

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One of the types of games I really obsessed over when I was growing up, aside from RTS games, were city building games or simulations like Sim City, Cities XL, etc. I remember so many sleepless nights as a kid […]

NinJump Game Review – Not Another Running Game!

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NinJump is a game created by Backflip Studios and is what I’ll be reviewing today. I bet you’ll probably agree with me that there are a lot of running games similar to Temple Run and Pitfall in the app store […]

Crazy John Game Review – There’s No Place like a Home Full of Zombies

Crazy John by Triniti Interactive Limited

I saw this game in the App store and I was really intrigued by the game’s name, I thought it was kind of a weird name to give a game so I got curious and downloaded the game. After a […]