Parking Mania Game Review – Making Parking Fun!

Parking Mania Game IconWhen I saw this game I thought to myself, “How could parking a car be fun?” but I liked the previous games that Chillingo released so I gave this game a go and I was definitely delighted to find what I experienced.

Today, we will be talking about Parking Mania by Chillingo Ltd.


You can gather from my introduction that the game involves you parking cars but what makes this game different is that you are put into different scenarios when parking which makes the game really challenging.


Parking Mania Title ScreenThe game has 2 iOS versions which are the HD version for devices like iPad/iPad 2 and the normal version which is for the iPhone and iPod Tocuh devices. The game is not yet available for Android.

First appearance

I honestly wasn’t expecting that much from the game graphics wise because it’s simply about parking cars but I actually liked what I saw.

The game graphics may focus on cars but it was really well done.

The graphics were sharp and the stages looked great.

I also liked the music that this game has, I don’t know if it’s just me but you know that feeling when you’re driving on a Sunday morning without traffic and you have the radio on tuned to your favorite music?

Well, that’s how I felt when I played the game. :)

Game play

The game and its controls are easy to understand.

You are given different stages, each with a certain level of difficulty and you will only be given 5 lives to park your car.
These “lives” are the number of times you can bump into another car or a certain object.

When you run out of lives then you will need to start again from the top.

Parking Mania Game PlayThe controls of the game are pretty cool if you ask me. The game controls feature a pedal to the right side of the screen.

Dragging the pedal forward makes the car move forward and dragging it backward puts the car in reverse.

You can steer the car by tilting the device to the left or to the right.

I got easily accustomed to the controls but I found it a bit hard when the car gets into a horizontal position.

Features and aesthetics

This is an area where I think the developers could have improved upon.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the game but I just thought that it would have been great if they added another mode to the game like a time attack mode to make it more exciting and maybe add a feature where you can choose which car you can drive in certain stages.

The game offers additional lives that you can purchase using the money that you have gotten from finishing the stages in the game.

You can also get a gold car that will enable you to not lose your last life during the level play.


Parking Mania Game StageOverall though, I thought that the game was pretty challenging and fun, definitely a great game to pass the time and to relax.

You can check out the game Parking Mania HD for iPad/iPad 2 device by clicking here and you can check out the normal version for the iPhone, iPod Touch by clicking here.

Games Nerds rating:
3 stars


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